Ight, hear me out: as I build this community of Maverick thinkers, I want to provide innovative and engaging content that challenges and reinforces the mindset commonly shared by those destined to build a LEGACY.

This is a Netflix recommendation for a series that is just as fact-paced, high-energy, and dramatic as the sport it depicts. I found myself addicted and drawn in by the parallels between the mindset in this sport and any other discipline in which one strives for greatness. The culture, lifestyle and behind-the-scenes insight into  the ultra-competitive, flamboyant, (arguably) biggest soap-opera in sports was also just so damn cool and entertaining. It was a dope learning experience in how mentally and physically demanding this sport is, and it provides a new appreciation of why these drivers are A-1 athletes.

But more than sport, this is an avenue to learn how, in an industry where success is measured by a fraction of second, mental health and performance can be the difference between life and death. As 5.9 million people have tuned in to learn about one of the greatest competitors of all time (The Last Dance – ESPN) and his will to win, so too can you learn from Lewis Hamilton and his mindset as the only African American driver currently competing at the highest division of racing (Formula 1).


For those with competitive and ambitious appetites, this series is like the first time you tried “good sushi.” While potentially scary at first, the reward of a new experience is well worth the risk and it exposes you to something cooler than just chicken tenders and fries. In addition, you can’t say in the beginning it wasn’t a go-to date option just to say “Baby I’m different” lol.

Now you are well-aware of all the “BOGO” deals around town and realize that going into RA sushi on Tuesday or Wednesday night is a bona fide public appearance lol. For the record, I like my sushi both raw and cooked—but I also jumped out a plane 15,000 feet, so my risk profile may be at the far end of the spectrum.

I digress. . .

My mission with Maverick Innovation, LLC is to connect people with ambition and drive through innovative and engaging content.  You are Maverick if you reject status quo and you know deep-down you have something to contribute. Maybe a black or brown girl or boy may be inspired to become the next Lewis Hamilton or Desiré Wilson. . .  Maybe someone wants to learn about others with the same driven mindset?  Whatever it is, a common desire for greatness is shared across the Maverick Family. Here’s the story of how I became so interested in Formula 1 I added the Monaco Grand Prix to my bucket list.

HOUSTON. 2018 – In an undisclosed apartment location in the Energy Corridor.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Formula 1. I remember how excited he was to wake up in the early hours of the morning to catch the races taking place in extravagant and ultra-lush places like Monaco, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain.  He had always been into cars, but as he explained it to me, “Formula 1 cars are more like fighter jets than actual cars.” Going at speeds in excess of 230 mph, the drivers may seem out of their minds, but it is actually their mental performance that makes them some of the world’s most bulletproof athletes. These athletes are more often compared to fighter pilots than other athletes because of their insane mental capabilities.

Now, I must admit, this excitement from a black man about a sport that to the layman’s eye looked “monotonous” was a little. . . different, especially coupled with the fact that I had seen this dude eat shrimp with the shell still intact lol.

And. . .

I still didn’t have the desire to wake up at 6 a.m. to catch a race with him, but as a minority I was interested in why there were few representations of us in an international sport, as well as why some consider these drivers the best athletes in the world. That led me to watching this Netflix series and subsequently annoying the hell out my friend, driving down 610 in a Buick LaCrosse  acting like he was the team principal for Maverick Innovation Racing, telling me tidbits through my earpiece on how to maneuver the race. Needless to say, he was pissed not by the slow formula speed at which I was moving but the relentlessness in my imagination of being Lewis Hamilton with sound effects and animations. I wasn’t just the driver or the car–I was both on this 15-minute ride back to his place.  For miles I made dumba&^ noises mimicking the roar of the engine and the ever-changing observations drivers make about the track.  When I dropped him off, all I could say was “my bad bruh lol.”

Marshall Williams, F1 Buick La Crosse, leads Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari SF70H, Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari SF70H, Felipe Massa, Williams FW40 Mercedes and the rest of the field.I am a firm believer in “life sport” and the transferable skills and lessons one learns in sport that can apply to life. Furthermore, I am an even bigger believer that the mindset to persevere, triumph and achieve is not limited or solely beneficial to athletics.


Netflix’s Survive to Drive provides insight on how these ultra-competitive athletes, teams, and owners gain mental edge on and off the track.

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team’s British driver Lewis Hamilton celebrates his victory at the Hungaroring circuit in Budapest on July 24, 2016 after the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix. / AFP PHOTO / ATTILA KISBENEDEK

Lewis Hamilton,  a Maverick defining his own Legacy.  This 6-time Grand Prix champion Disrupted Formula 1 as the first African American driver. He is arguably considered the greatest of all time. BIG FLEX, and BIG DRIP.


Who knows where learning how performance-driven mindsets operate and applying that to your life will take you? I know my prime has passed for driving a formula 1 race car—but what about owning a team? Why not, right? While Lewis Hamilton broke barriers becoming the first African American driver ever, there are still more barriers to be broken in this sport. And a Maverick has no limitations on what can be achieved with a focused mindset and consistent work ethic.

– Who’s coming to the 2035 Maverick Innovation Yacht party in Monaco?


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